City of #Love and Magic (a tribute to Barcelona)

City of #Love and Magic (a tribute to Barcelona)

Barcelona is one of the most inclusive places in the world, embracing diversity in gender identity and culture. With Biovène customers from countries around the globe, and from what can be seen as different worlds - from Spain - Switzerland - USA - Middle East - we are proud to be an inclusive brand providing fair beauty for a world full of love, and nothing but joy. Where there's no anger, no hate, no war and only peace.

Biovène innovates prestigious products defined as "premium but attainable" and believes beauty should be fair - and religion, color of our skin or which part of the world we are born in should not limit the access to life and beauty.

Barcelona is a magical city filled with hidden treasures and full of life, day and night. Here you can enjoy a day on the beach, shopping on the town, wandering around the enchanting narrow medieval streets in the charming Gothic Quarters, discovering everything from small shops to restaurants, bars and more.

And why not visit one or more of all the spectacular architectures created by the famous Antoni Gaudi, whos many works have been granted World Heritage status by UNESCO; For example Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Casa Bajo, Casa Mila and many more.